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Nathan Nambiar


"Frozen in Time"

Nathan Nambiar is a fun and outgoing Grade 7 student who attends the Gifted Program. His love for reading and writing started when he was very young and even now he considers himself a "bookworm"! Nathan's passions are public speaking and singing and he dreams of becoming a singer or a doctor (or a singing doctor) when he grows older!


Katrina Lefebvre


"Futuristic Jeopardy"

Katrina Lefebvre is a grade six student in Mississauga. At the age of seven, Katrina became determined to become an author. She has worked on her writing since then, and over the past year she has excelled at poetry. When writing her short story for this contest, Katrina admits that she found science fiction tough to write. Still, she rose to the challenge, as she is always looking to discover new things.


Anika Tan


"Red Button"

Anika Tan lives in Mississauga. She spends most of her spare time reading, especially mangas like One Piece and Pandora Hearts and novels by Rick Riordan and Eric Walters. She also likes drawing, badminton, and playing the piano, and likes to eat candy and most things with sugar


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